Scotland Land Stories

Accessing and cultivating land for local food growing enables us to care for our soils, support and build community, take climate and nature action, and grow healthy, local food close to where we live. Increasing numbers of us are growing locally for sustenance, succour and sanity, but we urgently need much more land dedicated to this purpose and recognition of this approach.

The Land Stories series highlights different models of public and private land being used for growing and demonstrates what is possible across Scotland when community groups, land owners, and other stakeholders work in partnership to benefit our communities and climate. Read the Kirriemuir Story.

If you have a Land Story to, inspire others, share it here. Meantime, if you are looking for guidance and technical support to access land, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Community Land Advisory Service.


Growing in the Community-Scotland Land Guide

This updated and revised series aims to inspire, guide and support that to happen. It comprises different stand-alone components/sections to appeal to anyone with a vision of furthering access to land for community growing, be they a public or private landowner, a community growing group, a planner, a developer or otherwise.

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