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Community-led groups accessing land to grow have to ensure activities are well-run, safe and inclusive. There can be a lot to think about; however, through working together to develop and share best practice, we can build our confidence in becoming an essential part of any community landscape, developing opportunities to meet local needs whilst supporting regional and national outcomes. (see Grassroots to Government). Recognising and taking part in this framework of rights, duties, and responsibilities enables more communities and people to grow and flourish, contributes to positive action on climate and nature emergencies and will help grow a more local food system.

If you are a community group, registered charity, or other, your Trustees must define and uphold duties and responsibilities. The team and volunteers have to ensure certain standards, from health and safety to data protection and trading, if you sell products.

A lot of advice and guidance is available to help you get started and support you to succeed.

help@ can help you clarify your priorities, find the exact resource you need and connect and learn from others. 

Community Growing Resource Pack

An introduction to all aspects of governance. 


Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations.

Support running your organisation including templates, model policies and checklists.

Communities Channel

Information, ideas and inspiration for communities across Scotland

Health & Safety

Trellis factsheet on H&S policy, risk assessment and COSHH. 


Having insurance appropriate to your needs is essential for any public activity and will give you confidence and cover.

Third Sector Interfaces

Many local authority TSI’s can offer information and support on aspects of governance and local funds. If you have a really helpful TSI please let us know so that other groups in your area might benefit.