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Communities that access, secure, and cultivate the land for food growing can grow, eat and share healthy food with people in their local area. Through growing, we can connect, support, and build community, care for the soil and environment, and take practical action on our climate and nature emergencies. More and more people across Scotland, from rural to urban settings, are ‘growing local’ for sustenance, succour and sanity. Issues on food security and sovereignty, cost of living and nutrition make local growing initiatives a vital part of our lives, communities and food system.

Access to suitable land for growing near to where we live in urban and rural settings is an issue that requires urgent attention and support for the creative approaches demonstrated in the Land Stories Series.

The resources below can offer a good starting point for any group that wants to grow together but is unsure how to start.

Growing in the community

Scotland Land Guide

First published in 2011, this revised guide (2022), written for community groups and landowners by specialist advisors, outlines a series of components and thinking required to reach a land agreement that works for everyone. 

Our Growing Community

There are many spaces and places where food could be grown in our villages, towns and cities – this resource can support people to think about how we can approach and deliver food-growing opportunities more creatively. close to where we live.

Looking For Land?

In many cases, community growing initiatives begin from a desire to do something with vacant land in the local area, while in other cases there is no obvious land for food-growing available, and people must look for suitable sites. Places to Grow offers some potential solutions.

Land Stories

Stories from across Scotland demonstrate what is possible when communities and public and private landowners work in partnership. Share your land story here to inspire and support others to get growing.

Growing on
Contaminated Land​

This guide provides technical information to help community groups, land owners, and local authorities assess and tackle the issue of soil contamination where there is any possible history of dumping or contamination.

Land Advice

If you are a community group or landowner and require specialist guidance or support with any aspects of land access for community growing contact help@.

Help! I just want to get growing...

Food Growing Strategies provide details of allotment provision and community growing projects across local authority areas; many contain contact details, opening times and maps; find yours here. If you want an allotment, put your name on a waiting list and try volunteering at a community-growing space near you. 

N.B. Not all local authorities have published strategies, and growing opportunities remain limited in some areas. However, the Forums’ combined network covers Scotland, and if there is a growing opportunity local to you, we will help you find it!