Welcome to Scotland’s hub for growing in our communities. Home gardens, community gardens and farms, allotments, verges, and windowsills are ways we grow in our communities, providing us with food, health and leisure activities, beautiful spaces, biodiversity, and opportunities to connect with and protect our natural world.

Interest and participation in gardening, growing food, and exploring nature in our communities is ‘growing’: we know this offers solutions to personal, local and global issues, and how we can all flourish.  Whatever your setting rural, urban, suburban, indoors, or out let’s work together and get growing.

If you are working with the community and would like advice and help to get – and keep growing contact us at hello@getgrowingscotland.org. From securing land and volunteers, to planting for the planet, learn from and contribute to our collective ‘hive mind’ .


GetGrowing Scotland

A garden is a solution that leads to other solutions.” Wendell Berry

GetGrowing Scotland is brought to you by the Community Growing Forum Scotland, a group of grassroots projects and support organisations sharing information, inspiration, and expertise from communities and partners across Scotland. 

Let’s work together to ‘get growing’ so more people and communities benefit from growing and sharing fresh food, learning new ways to connect with nature,  and supporting people to enjoy the physical and mental wellbeing benefits of doing something creative and positive outdoors. 

 ‘’Get growing” and share your inspiration and experiences here: help us ‘get it’ – to better understand how we can start and keep growing and benefit ourselves, our communities and our planet. 

We are working on new features for Scotland’s growing in our community hub, if you have any ideas, inspiration or resources you would like to contribute get in contact hello@getgrowingscotland.org.


Guidance and support and an opportunity to share your knowledge and experiences, something for everyone: new or experienced, home or allotment grower, group of people growing together and looking to start a community garden, an organisation or business looking to develop your community assets and or services through growing and nature-based activities and stewardship.  

Information and guidance will seek to be helpful on a range for topics, from working safely with COVID-19 restrictions, securing land, reaching out to people in your community, working with local groups and partners, increasing your harvest, sharing resources and food, reducing waste, and working more consciously with nature and the climate. To start with, here are some basic and popular resources; there is a lot of information out there and we will be bringing you what works for growers and communities across Scotland. What resource or advice works for you?


News and stories from partners, projects and people on topics including national and local government, horticulture, food and health, and inspiration from across the generations, cultures and lands in Scotland. 

You can GetGrowing and encourage others too. If you have a story to share we would love to hear from you. 

Green and nature spaces on our doorsteps offer opportunities for everyone. Working together we can improve and grow the number of sites so everyone who wants to can contribute and benefit from growing and greening in their local area.