Why greens?

Mixed leaf lettuce, lettuce, spinach, chard, kale, rockets and lambs lettuce can all be grown in our Scottish climate.


Small mixed leaves and baby spinach leaves can be grown in troughs on windowsills or doorsteps and regularly harvested. Larger leaves such as whole lettuce, chard and kale need more growing space and greater soil depth requiring open ground growing or a raised bed. Regularly sowing seeds in the right setting will keep you munching something green all summer.


Sow: March, April, May, June, July, August

Grow: March-October

Eat: May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December, January

Indoors in small pots or trays towards the end of March to be transplanted outside by mid-April. Remember, any plant grown indoors needs time to ‘harden off’ outdoors so it doesn’t panic at the sudden temperature change; you can help plants adjust by moving them outside and covering them up for a few nights- a bit of old bubble wrap will do.
Outdoors into pots or open ground from the start of April. Covering your pots or soil with clear plastic will help warm the soil acting as a mini greenhouse, speeding up the germination process and having you munching on greens sooner.


Growing tips

Wherever you are growing leaves, in a raised bed, or container, sowing small amounts every couple of weeks and regularly picking the larger leaves is the secret. Pick and sow.

Regular watering in dry spells (three times a week) ensures the soil is damp under the surface, NOT wet. Ideally, water (dishwater is fine), first thing in the morning to keep slug damage down as they are most active at night.

If you see little black flies jumping about in your container (sciarid flies), this is most likely due to overwatering-its easily done. Cut back on the watering, and if after a few days, they don’t go away and your young plants aren’t flourishing you might need to start again.

Every growing space and every season is different and changes how we grow. Grow 6 is a place to start to practice and learn how to grow and adapt to these changes. Along with supporting new growers through regular updates, your tips and experiences are welcome as we all ‘Get Growing’ .