Design Your


This can be the most exciting yet daunting aspect of a group’s journey- visioning, creating and growing a garden that fulfils its purpose, is productive and works for everyone. 

A few critical things outlined in the Resources below will help you to get started, keep you inspired and can support you to grow, change and adapt your space over time. 

Take your time, get to know your space and don’t be in a hurry to do it all at once. The most functional gardens are made by people who work them. Remember, the most important features are a good compost system, a water catchment system and a ‘Welcome’ sign! 

We routinely support groups by looking at their proposed garden layout. Contact us if you’d like to think through your ideas.

SAGS Design Guide

A really comprehensive guide on the thinking and physical infrastructure required for allotment holders, associations, local authorities and other groups looking to assess and develop a growing site.

Community Garden Resource Pack

Making decisions about site design can be exciting, empowering and potentially saves problems down the line. However, you also need to ensure that whatever design you agree is affordable, practical and achievable.

Toolkit for market gardeners.

From Propagate and The Glasgow Community Food Network, this toolkit written from collective knowledge of existing growers includes hints and tips and thinking required to grow food at scale.

Planning Matters

At the time of writing many common aspects of infrastructure associated with storing tools, growing in a protected environment and getting together to keep dry may require planning permission. This appendix from The Community Land Advisory Service may help.

Need support?

The Community Learning Exchange can support your growing group with developing your site design. We can help@ to work through an idea, discuss your design and identify a group you can learn from.