Grow 6

Wherever we grow food, from a windowsill at home to land in our local community, it can be fun, and good for nature, our climate and us. If you are new to growing or want to grow more ‘fruitfully’, and to grow something fresh and nutritious to eat year-round, Grow 6 can help.

It can be overwhelming to start and keep growing, so Grow 6 keeps it simple with six crops that grow well in Scotland in a range of settings, information on each crop,  and regular updates throughout the year for growing anywhere and everywhere across Scotland. You can develop skills and knowledge and build your food-growing confidence, and inspiration to keep growing.

 You can follow Grow 6 and learn and practice at home. Community gardens and growing spaces can help you learn through volunteering. Look at these maps, to see if you have a growing space near you.

If you don’t see a project on the map near you or want to start a community growing group get in contact. 

What do you want to grow?

Grow 6 is supported through the Tesco Communities fund.

Every growing space and every season is different, and changes how we grow food. Grow 6 is a place for new, and experienced growers, to start to learn, practice and share tips and tricks for growing success in our changeable climate.  See Grow 6 weekly updates here



Grow6: Week 01June

Some sustained sunshine and warmth for most of us this week; your plants will enjoy the boost. Get busy on cooler overcast days, sowing, planting and liquid fee ...

pinching out

Grow6: Week 26th May

Some heat at last, and your plants will be growing before your eyes. However, don't be tempted to overdo the liquid feeding of tomatoes, greens and plants in po ...


Grow6: Week 18th May

Long growing days are now with us, with variable weather. Young plants can now be brought outside, if they are not out already, and seeds can be sown outside di ...


Grow6: Week 15th May

Brighter sunny days will see young and established plants responding, but they’d grow better still with some protection- in many places, the wind is cold, and n ...


Grow6: Week 10th May

There’s warmth in the sun, moisture in our soils and the growing season is now well underway, so it’s time to clear windowsills and move young plants outdoors, ...