People and projects across Scotland are building community and improving lives through sowing, growing and sharing food in their local areas. With nature as our partner, we can regenerate our soils and grow greener, more biodiverse, healthier and better connected communities.

Grow brings together information and experience from growers in a range of
settings across Scotland. We highlight some critical components required
to support your growing journey, whatever the setting, and include
resources and inspiration from Scotland’s growing network.

Our combined actions make a difference; attentive and conscious gardening, prioritising nature and climate, is easy when you know how. When we share enthusiasm, seeds, plants and skills, our positive impact grows.

Content beyond this page is always being  developed so if there is something you’d like to see included or share your growing story, we’d love to hear from you.


The all too often overlooked stuff beneath our feet that sustains us and now needs us. We can make a huge difference when we grow peat free and take small yet significant changes in our growing spaces.


Design your space

Productive, and climate and nature friendly growing spaces require time, reflection and inspiration. Resources for all types of growing and a few pointers for community groups can help.


Grow more food

Creating and tending a productive growing space in our changeable climate, and with varied resources, takes inspiration, energy and a bit of horticultural know-how. Let’s do this together.

Get Growing Greener

Simple, intentional and collective actions make a difference. Taking practical steps, in our growing spaces: asking for help and sharing inspiration we can actively grow for a greener future.

From Grassroots to Government

Making connections at a local, regional and national level enables us to grow a landscape that supports and recognises the multiple benefits of growing in communities.


Duties and Responsibilities

Delivering your vision as a community group requires clarity, planning and the safe delivery of activities hello@ can help you work through your approach from garden infrastructure to governance basics, and working safely to get you growing with confidence



Developing and maintaining a community growing space requires resources of all kinds. Groups can access funds, generate income and reach out for sponsorship or in-kind support.


People Power

People make communities; like plants, volunteers need support to thrive and grow. From the day-to-day organisation: to sowing, growing and connecting people, a solid volunteer base is essential.




Let’s recognise and celebrate everyone who commits their time and energy to growing in our communities. They are taking practical and increasingly important action, improving lives, communities and planet.



Sustaining & Flourishing

Developing and maintaining a community growing space requires resources of all kinds. Groups can access funds, generate income and reach out for sponsorship or in-kind support.


Community growing groups and enablers and partners, looking for advice and support can access the Get Growing Scotland support service. If you are ‘growing your own’ in a home garden or allotment, we encourage you to connect with community growing projects to share seeds, plants and tips on growing in your local area.

Community Learning Exchange

If you are starting out, in stages of a new development or seeking ideas to sustain your group you may well find inspiration or sage advice from others within the network.