Why greens?

Anything leafy and green is great to sow and grow in the late summer, autumn months and early into spring. From early August, sowing a range of hardy winter lettuce, spinach, oriental greens, and parsley will keep us eating something fresh and nutritious until the first hard frost comes. 


Greens are best sown on windowsills and then grown in open soils or pots.


Grow: July, August, September, October, March 

Eat: September, Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, March

Growing tips

Sowing a few seeds every couple of weeks from the start of July until mid-September for regular ‘greens’. Success can depend on summer light levels so try sowing a range of crops. 

Where possible, start some sowings off on a windowsill and grow plants on them on before planting out in July, August. Watch out for the usual slug and snail damage by protecting plants with crushed eggshells or coffee grounds.

Make sure there is plenty of space between plants to ensure good airflow, and if any leaves don’t look healthy, gently pick them off.

As the temperatures drop, try protecting plants with a sheet of glass or plastic container.

Do also watch out for pigeons who will find your oriental greens irresistible!

Start with greens again repeating the tips above from mid March.