We are here to help you get growing.

I don’t want another organisation to signpost me to yet another pamphlet I need to read. I want to talk with someone who understands the issues and can connect me with others with direct experience to share.”

Help@ is a free advisory service for people looking to start or grow more food with others in their community. Our service understands, enables, sustains and accelerates vital work taking root in communities across Scotland that can benefit us all. We can help you develop and grow your vision, tackle problems, and identify solutions to transform your ideas into reality.  

We know it can sometimes feel overwhelming to get and keep growing; your ideas and enthusiasm are important to us, so our service is open-ended, enabling us to support you with what you need to know when you need to know it.  So if you want to start to grow or develop your food growing, whether it be on an unloved street corner or a large open field, we’d love to hear from you. 

Help@ is delivered by GrowGreen Scotland and the Community Land Advisory Service with inspiration and insight from partners and folk on the ground. We have many years of experience working directly with communities across Scotland in a range of settings.

Enablers looking to support growing in the community can also get advice on collaborating and supporting communities.

Recently asked questions: 

  • I’ve recently moved back to the city, who can I connect with to access land?
  • We need support with developing our idea to transform an open field into a community food growing space for the town.  
  • We’d like to take our village growing to the next level but we need a land agreement and advice and guidance on risk and liability. 
  • Can we talk through how our group could partner with other local agencies on ways to distribute food waste ?
  • Our small voluntary garden group feels like it’s running out of steam, can you please help us work through our options? 

We currently have the resources to support c. 75 enquiries per year; if you are interested in helping us grow our reach to ensure everyone has the opportunity to benefit, get in contact. 


Grow 73

Grow 73 in Rutherglen is a charity helping people of all ages and abilities to grow their own produce, learn how to lead more sustainable lives, and support local biodiversity. Established in 2015 this group has transformed a piece of unused, contaminated land into a

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Community Learning Exchange

SIGNUP In our growing settings we tend, coax and feed our crops so that they bear more fruit. In essence, the Community Learning Exchange does just that- it acknowledges that to nourish and sustain community-led growth, some cross-pollination and a sprinkling of nourishment are required.

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Pockets and Prospects Fund

We have a number of funds up to £500 to distribute to groups growing areas of economic disadvantage. If you are a constituted growing group with an idea where you know a small spend would make a big difference please make contact help@ This fund

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