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Your Own

Whatever you are growing and wherever your setting, ‘growing your own’ at home in a garden, a container, windowsill, or allotment can be hugely rewarding and is increasingly important. The act of tending the soil to grow food and flowers, and keeping or making space for nature, is beneficial for our individual well-being and also for our neighbours, wider community, and of course local wildlife.

Individual efforts combined, make a big difference. Attentive and ‘conscious’ gardening, with and for nature and the climate needn’t take more effort and makes the most of resources; soil, water, choice of plants, and avoiding pollution. And when we share our enthusiasm, seeds, seedlings and skills we make it even bigger.

If you are waiting or looking to sign up for an allotment, and want to participate and learn from community growing, contact

Get collecting leaves for peat-free seed sowing.

Allotment information from Scottish Allotment & Gardens Society

Scottish Parliament Community Empowerment Act Part 9 inquiry demand for allotments. How else can we grow?


Winter is a quieter time for growing and an ideal time to build or turn a compost heap, order seeds for next year or perhaps try your hand at sprouting at home.