Community Learning Exchange

In our growing settings we tend, coax and feed our crops so that they bear more fruit. In essence, the Community Learning Exchange does just that- it acknowledges that to nourish and sustain community-led growth, some cross-pollination and a sprinkling of nourishment are required. So, in these quieter growing months, you might take the time to collectively reflect on where or what is next for your group.

The Community Learning Exchange offers an excellent opportunity for community-growing groups to explore and develop new ideas and sustainable ways of working.  Over the years, countless groups growing in community gardens, orchards and allotments have met to share and reflect on best practice development in their settings. Our network is undoubtedly stronger, wiser and better connected as a result. Practical examples include groups seeking support to design and build a community growing space on a budget and allotment growers seeking support with establishing communal composting facilities.  Groups have also sought support on ‘practice development’ such as sustainable approaches to finance and running youth volunteer programmes. With over 15 years of grassroots development, there is now a wealth of experience amongst growers of all kinds, and this fund recognises that.

So, if you are starting out, in stages of a new development or seeking ideas to sustain your group, you may find inspiration or sage advice from others within the network.

If you’d like to develop your idea and submit an application, we’d love to hear from you help@.

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