An increasing number of local groups, business and local authorities across Scotland are enabling people of all ages and backgrounds to connect with each other and to improve lives and communities through growing food, and gardening, partnering with nature and rebuilding our soils.

You can be an enabler, supporting communities in a range of ways to sustain and develop their activities, engage more people, reap more benefits, and ensure this opportunity is available to every community and person. Sharing your knowledge and skills or your organisation’s resources, to investing in projects and infrastructure or adopting and promoting these solutions everyone has something to offer.

This work is important and increasingly urgent as communities take positive, practical action on the the nature and climate emergency, and support people through the food and cost of living crises.  

Contact us to discuss how best you can be an effective ‘enabler’ and help support communities, make a tangible difference and build a more sustainable, resilient future. 

What can you do?

Landowners – Land across Scotland that is unused, underused or awaiting development in both urban and rural areas can be used for community growing and nature activities by sharing land with benefits to both owners and communities.

Large organisations – The NHS, Church of Scotland and others also have land, and other resources, to share with communities for mutual benefit and solutions for social, health and other issues.

Scottish Government and Local Authorities -Partner with community groups to implement policies on a range of topics including planning, health and social care, local food strategies and Good Food Nation local food plans. Contact us to connect with other local authorities to share opportunities and solutions.

Third Sector and community groups – make Get Growing Scotland part of your ambition for your community. We can all grow something, somewhere.

Large or small businesses – share your resource and skills, participate and demonstrate your values; from carpenters to corporates, everyone has something to offer.

Developers – Plan for food growing in your developments, protect
arable land and provide opportunities for authentic and sustainable
community engagement.

Funders and Investors – Big and small amounts of money can be well spent by supporting food growing intiatives in our communities, small amounts of money can be transformed into huge amounts of local investment. 

Home and allotment growers share your enthusiasm, seeds, plants and horticulture skills with your community and grow with nature and for the climate. 

Activists – Get involved in local food growing and nature projects.

Scottish Government – activate Good Food Nation ambition by connecting policies and funding.

 Join the enablers and share your story here to inspire others.

Read the Winchburgh Land Story: A partnership of developer and community group working together to build a growing community.

Local Authority Food Growing Strategies: Are you a local authority officer looking to work together to develop more community growing opportunities? Contact us.

Business and corporate support for community growing: Would your business be able to connect with your local community, lend a hand and make a difference? We’d be happy to connect you to the opportunities.