Be Inspired and Get Growing: March

Welcome to Get Growing Scotland’s monthly prompt on news, resources and support for folk looking to turn land in their neighbourhood into productive places to grow.

Look out the window

Look around you, wherever we live there is underutilised land that can be put to good use. Across Scotland many people have done just that coming together to improve their local area, grow food with nature and connect and care for local greenspace. 

See our Land Stories series, if you have your eye on even the tiniest patch near you, or you can help enable a community group you work with, reach out to help@ to get started. 

Good Food Nation and growing in our communities

The Scottish Government’s National Good Food Nation Plan Consultation is open for responses until 22 April.

A ‘Good Food Nation’ is described as ‘One where people from every walk of life take pride and pleasure in, and benefit from, the food they produce, buy, cook, serve, and eat each day’.  Our vision for a Good Food Nation has at its heart people and communities across Scotland growing more of what they eat and eating more of what they grow, whether at home, an allotment, community or market garden, orchard or farm.

The National Good Food Nation Plan, and the individual Local Authority food plans to follow, recognise how essential community-led food growing, in all forms and at all scales, is in connecting people to Good Food and helps ensure everyone in Scotland can participate and benefit from growing sites in their local area. What do you think? Everyone can respond; you don’t have to answer all the questions. Or contact us by 15th April if you want to add your voice to ours.  


Timely growing tips in tune with our variable Scottish weather!
Do you, someone you know, or a community group you support want to try growing fruit and vegetables. It can be overwhelming to start and keep growing, so Grow6 keeps it simple with six crops that grow well in Scotland in a range of settings, growing tips for each crop,  and regular updates to build your food-growing confidence with inspiration to keep growing. 

Learning Exchange

In our growing settings, we tend to coax and feed our crops so that they bear more fruit. In essence, the Community Learning Exchange does just that- it acknowledges that to nourish and sustain community-led growth, some cross-pollination and a sprinkling of nourishment are required. 

Curated by GrowGreen Scotland, inspired and supported by folks growing in communities.

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