Water, water…..not so much water

We’ve had a prolonged dryspell across much of the Highlands and Central belt recently. How are you coping in your setting as we can begin to safely, sow together? These dry springs are becoming a more frequent and one we need to be prepared for. Too much water, too little water- when starting out it can require some effort to have water where you want it and when you want it but this is infrastructure that requires a little thought and planning. Whatever the weather anything that is not ‘mains water’ makes good sense both environmentally and for the purse.

One thing you need to bear in mind with water collection systems is the risk of the legionella bacteria- a water borne virus that can occur in standing water reaching temperatures of 20C or more. Guidance states – ideally siting the water receptacle out of the sun, the need for annual cleaning of your water receptacle, use of a watering can for emptying the container rather than something that creates spray/water droplets.

If you have access to mains water and you are a registered charity with an annual income of less than £300,000 you may be entitled to water rates exemption. You need to apply annually before the 31st march.

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