Nature wins

Imagine a more biodiverse, greener Scotland for people and the planet. It is possible, and many community food growing sites across Scotland are leading the way in growing with and celebrating nature and climate every day, as recognised by Shettleston Community Gardens’ nomination for the RSPB Nature of Scotland Awards next week.

The Forum’s recent response to the Scottish Government consultation on Biodiversity highlighted the importance of recognising the stewardship role that Shettleston and thousands of other growing sites across Scotland play in creating and supporting local connections with biodiverse, beautiful and nature-abundant spaces in our communities. Local, informal opportunities to connect and grow food with nature on our doorstep can grow micro but profound collective steps for a biodiverse future. So, go Shettleston and all the gardens you represent- we are rooting for you!

Unsure where to get started read the Forum top tips for growing with climate and nature whatever your setting. 




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