Where do we grow from here?

Demand for land for growing food near where we live continues to soar as more and more people want to grow local. See the Glasgow Community Food Networks’ recent Demand for Land Campaign.

The Community Growing Forum has long advocated that growing locally in community gardens, allotments, community orchards and more can support cost-effective, community-led solutions to issues of food insecurity, health and well-being and people’s urgent desire to take global climate action locally. So, where do we grow from here?

As advocated in our response to the National Planning Framework 4, we need an urgent rethink at national and local government levels that tackles land distribution and safeguards suitable land for feeding ourselves over development. Meanwhile, grassroots groups continue to seek creative solutions to growing local wherever and however they can, often in partnership with local authorities, NHS and the church. Increasing numbers of private landowners are willing to support diverse models of growing locally too, but if we are to grow our Good Food Nation and develop greener, more climate-resilient communities across Scotland, we need so much more of it. 

The Community Land Advisory Service Scotland provides one-to-one support for landowners and community groups to secure land for growing. Contact karen@farmgarden.org.uk

Later this month, this site will feature their updated Growing in the Community- Scotland Land Guide a unique resource which aims to make more public and private land available for growing locally. Written for both community groups and landowners, with technical advice and sample leases, it is an invaluable resource.


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