Seasonal Switch

Wherever we grow food, from a windowsill at home to land in our local community, it can be fun and good for nature, our climate and us. If you are new to growing or want to grow more ‘fruitfully’ and to grow something fresh and nutritious to eat year-round, Grow6 can help.

It can be overwhelming to start and keep growing, so Grow6 keeps it simple with six crops that grow well in Scotland in a range of settings. Autumn and winter are traditionally quieter on the growing front, but there are crops you can grow to keep you eating something fresh in quieter months or for an early summer harvest. So, if you are already growing or just joining us, rather than ‘spring’ it upon you, we thought we’d give you some notice to gather the resources you need to make the seasonal switch.

Community gardens and growing spaces can help you learn through volunteering even in the winter months and they always appreciate extra help. Look at these maps, to see if you have a growing space near you.

If you don’t see a project on the map near you or want to start a community growing group get in contact.


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