Nuture your soil

If you have ever had the pleasure, and let’s face it, the privilege of working with soil, you will no doubt know just how good it can feel. But, whilst words can rarely describe the feeling of increased well being when taking care and making a connection to this vital life source, it is time to put words and actions to the link between healthy soils and our fight against climate change.  Soil is the next frontier; a healthy soil holds and captures carbon, stores and delivers water when and where required and is home to billions of bacteria and microbes central to our existence. It’s mind blowing to be honest. Yet now, the very substance that sustains us, needs us. Taking a regenerative approach, to rebuilding our soils and associated ecosystems is gaining ground but urgent action, at ALL levels is required. It’s our turn in our gardens, allotments and shared greenspaces to nourish, replenish and yes, quite simply worship the ground beneath our feet.  So, if you have a little bit of soil to work and nurture you can make a difference. Here’s How

‘Nuture your Soil’ is part of our post COP26 series GetGrowingGreener supporting you to take positive action, locally.

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