Grow6: Week 10th May

There’s warmth in the sun, moisture in our soils and the growing season is now well underway, so it’s time to clear windowsills and move young plants outdoors, keep an eye on the temperatures, for a late frost. Continue sowing seeds into containers indoors where possible to help speed up germination. Remember to use the most sunny and sheltered spots for pots and when growing directly in the ground.  


Potting on and planting out established plants can happen anytime but transplanting young seedlings grown closely with others is best done on a dull, damp day to avoid young plants wilting.

With wet and now warmer weather, it’s time to get on top of your slugs before they get stuck into your young plants. A few tips: In dry spells water in the morning slugs do their damage at night; and try protecting young and vulnerable plants, particularly ‘greens ‘ and leafy herbs, with a circle of crushed eggshells, any human or animal hair, or grit. 

Time also to begin a weekly feed, for Grow 6 plants it’s young tomato and strawberry plants, this will give them the boost they need.  You can buy an organic liquid plant feed in most supermarkets or online and if you have comfrey/ nettles and a bucket nearby, you can make your own ‘tea’ for later in the season – read more here 


You can sow peas outdoors, from seed, in deep pots, old toilet rolls or directly into the soil.

Give young pea plants a helping hand with canes or sticks once you can see the tendrils.


If you have space keep heat loving- tomatoes indoors for a wee while longer.


Strawberries will be taking off, if you are growing them in containers give them a weekly liquid feed.


Transplant lettuce seedlings into bigger containers or open ground and protect them from slugs. Keep sowing green leafy things; salads, spinach and kale in trays, pots or the open ground.


Now the risk of frost, for most of us, has passed young herb seedlings or plants can be moved into pots outdoors or open ground.   


Will start to poke through, as young plant emerges you can earth them up (gently place handfuls of soil around the stem), this will increase the soil depth around the growing plant and will give you more tatties!


Reuse old seed compost if it is weed free. Keep collecting rainwater where you can to save on tap water and whilst you are outdoors keep an eye out for ladybirds.

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