Better Outdoors will have regular updates on including:

  1. COVID-19 guidance and example of good practice, adjustments and resetting for safer operations.
  2. Tips and ideas to share onsite and online. Contribute your tips too.
  3. Advice sheets, for when guidance makes this possible, on topics including: Making our spaces more welcoming to support mental wellbeing; Eating and Sharing Food Safely.
  4. People sharing their experiences of reconnecting outdoors through growing and nature activities.
  5. Funding ideas and tips
  6. Sharing ways to operate year-round, including growing and shelter. 
  7. The opportunity to add your voice to support to a wider movement for our mutual benefit.

Partner organisations can also participate in Better Outdoors, supporting the communities you represent and serve to benefit from growing and nature-based activities:

  1. Use the logo and call to action on your website and through social media.
  2. Share the information with your network.
  3. Contribute to the Better Outdoors through connecting with participating groups and projects and supporting their work.
  4. Help our network flourish. Work with your partners, at local and national levels, to support the development and sustainability of community growing and nature sites and activities.

Log onto and look at FAQ’s and resources for participation, share experiences and give us feedback. 

The Better Outdoors section includes:

  1. Logo for your signage, communications, website and social media, to use where appropriate
  2. Safety Signage for your site.
  3. FAQ – what to ask ourselves as a project: are we ready and robust enough? 
  4. Tips for assessing and communicating risk: a template risk assessment. 
  5. C-19 reopening checklist, for people organising and or running activities: use it to ensure your risk process is robust, embedding lessons learned from good practice examples of resilience and health and safety.
  6. Examples of booking and sign in systems, ways to safely meet needs of participants while they are on a site.